Sanitation is an aspect in human health which must be given the priority it deserves. Factually, over 60% of individual, company or country’s budget is meant for human health and human services. A lot of this is spend around the subject of sanitation.Thus, companies/organizations hire professional cleaning services; a team that is trained and specializes on cleaning and sterilizing the work areas and the office generally. Office cleaning is done during and after working hours.

Thorough and detailed cleaning of commercial areas is effectively achieved when done after office hours; this is because during the working hours, most of the areas that need cleaning are usually occupied by the officers and clients(in customer facing offices like banking halls, restaurants and the like.

To avoid interference, it is preferred that the offices be cleaned after work. This gives the cleaners ample time to work on surfaces that are sensitive and properly sanitize them. Cleaning in the evening has proven to be the best and most effective because, where liquids are used, the surfaces are able to dry up before occupation the next day and that avoids accumulation of dirt in hidden areas of the office which ultimately may lead to bacterial infections.

Cleaning done after work hours has proven to be the most effective and stress free; most of the cleaning companies provide these services during working hours but on a large scale, after work.A clean working environment assures the employees of good health and therefore high productivity will be realized. This can only be achieved though setting enough hours after work for specialized cleaning.

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